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Short, concentrated, delicious conversations about business and solopreneur life with business owners about how and why they started their business and how they differentiate themselves. If you are a solopreneur, small business owner, or considering starting your own business, this podcast is for you. Guests include successful small business owners, coaches, consultants, service providers, etc. In most episodes, we will talk with guests about the inspiration that set them on their path to business ownership. Leading into what the beginning of their entrepreneurial adventure was like and how they differentiated their business to stand out from the crowd. And finally, how their business has developed and what they are doing now. Other episodes will be quick business and technology tips for solopreneurs and small businesses. Topics might include software, computer and /or phone apps, productivity hacks, marketing tips, etc. Your host, Joe Matz, has over 35 years of small business experience and has lived and owned/managed over 10 businesses, in diverse industries in Italy, Brazil and the USA.

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Tuesday May 17, 2022

Karl Pontau Is a business storytelling coach and animation producer. He is the owner of Squash and Stretch Productions. He helps people who want to have a big impact on their communities attract more of their best clients and employees with engaging, empathetic stories.
Karl beat two brain tumors when he was 15, thanks to the help of his friends, family, community, and medical team. It’s why he’s so driven to help others build the sort of strong, empathetic connections that got him through the worst year of his life.
Hiring and Retention Product Research Survey Talk with Karl to learn more free 30 minute consultation link: 

Tuesday May 10, 2022

This is specifically for the Chrome browser. If you use another browser or if you have a Mac, I'm sure there is something similar there. 
You know, we can process the spoken word a lot faster than most people speak. And there's a way to speed up your listening if you're using the Chrome browser and other browsers as well. So I found this tool, and I have used it tremendously.
I can listen at 20%, 40%, 60% faster, sometimes even 80% faster. So I can listen to a 45 minutes podcast in a half an hour or 20 minutes, depending on how fast I speed it up.
And it's so easy to do. 
I've got the Chrome browser up and what we would want to do is add a tool. So we go to more tools and then we can go to extensions right here.
You will be able to search extensions if you don't have the actual extension. I do have the extension down here. It is called “video speed controller”. And here are some details.
So speed up, slow down, advance rewind. It is awesome. And it saves so much time. 
I've actually set up hotkeys. So when I'm listening to a video, I can hit the letter D and it just increases that speed by 20% at a time. And then if I want to drop back to regular speed or rewind to listen to something a little more intensely, I can hit R and it automatically drops back to the original time of the video. But most of the time I'm listening at 1.4 speed. So I can save a whole lot of time. And so can you. Look for it in your Chrome extensions or whatever browser you use there should be something similar. 
That's it for today.

Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Matt Levenhagen is the owner of Unified Web Design and leverages his experience in marketing and SEO to create websites for his clients that get found.
In this episode, we talk about how his early work experiences inform his website design agency. His experiences in several industries prepared him to be a better web designer. He also discovered early on that he was creative, and also technical. 
Listen in as Matt and I talk about how he started his business and how he differentiates himself and his business.
Follow the links below for contact information and to learn more about Matt and Unified Web Design.
Company WebsiteCompany LinkedIn pagePersonal LinkedIn PageCompany TwitterPersonal TwitterThe podcast

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Nandar Matari helps ambitious entrepreneurs & high achieving professionals become evolutionary leaders. Nandar is also a meditation coach & trainer, motivational speaker and author of “Harmonious & Conscious Living”.
In this episode, we talk about Nandar’s journey in finding her passion and creating a business around her unique gifts, talents and abilities. She now uses that experience to help build a future of evolutionary leaders.
Through practicing meditation and implementing universal laws, my clients - reduce overwhelm and stress - become more happy- start to live their real purpose in life without changing their careers- understand how to achieve better grander goals and vision with less effort
Follow the links below for contact information and to learn more about Nandar. LinkedInWebsite and Contact informationNandar's Youtube Channel

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Dilyana Mileva is a sleep expert who specializes in helping you get better rest so you can be more productive, have more energy and be healthier.
Get the free gift “10 steps to create consistent restful sleep” is at:
All of Dilyana’s contact information can be found at

Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

John Hinson of Spotlight Branding talks about the value of your email lists.
John Hinson is an author, podcast host, and marketing manager at Spotlight branding and has spent the last several years helping law firms grow by maximizing their referrals and attracting the right kind of clients.

Tuesday Mar 15, 2022

In this episode Edward Fox and I talk about the role of humor in business. Edward Fox is a podcaster, has written two books and helps businesses through cashless commerce exchange.
All of his contact information can be found at

Tuesday Mar 01, 2022

Listen in as Jean Hamilton-Fford and I talk about using language intentionally. When you are intentional in your language you become more conscious of the words you are using and the effectiveness of your communication. 
Jean Hamilton-Fford is a speaker, author, mentor and communications strategist.
To learn more or contact Jean Hamilton-Fford see her website:

Tuesday Feb 15, 2022

Listen in as Katia Ravé and I talk about what leadership means to the small business owner and how the solopreneur can implement leadership principles in their daily life and business.
To learn more or contact Katia see her website:

Monday Jan 24, 2022

Chris Kolbe is a former professional radio presenter and has a love and passion for marketing. 
He is passionate about marketing and making a difference through assisting companies and entrepreneurs, embrace marketing, understand it, and be able to implement it effectively. Allowing them to Live2Dream.
For more about Chris Kolbe connect with him on LinkedIn

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